Most Common American idioms

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✅❗️Most Common American idioms

❗️You’ve got them shaking in their boots.
▪️They are afraid now.

❗️You’ll have to sink or swim.
▪️It will be win all or lose all now.

❗️We are sitting pretty.
▪️We are in a good position.

❗️She slays me with that nonsense.
▪️She disgusts me with those silly ideas.

❗️Everything is ship shape.
▪️Everything is in good order.

❗️Why don’t you sleep on it?
▪️Think about it tonight – let me know tomorrow.

❗️We just made small talk.
▪️We didn’t talk about anything serious.

❗️Go ahead and sound off.
▪️Say what you think.

❗️He’s spaced out.
▪️He is on drugs.

❗️It will spread like wildfire.
▪️This idea will be very popular.

❗️They have stacked the deck.
▪️We are not playing under even conditions.

❗️They have stacked the cards.
▪️They have cheated us to their advantage.

❗️We will need to start from scratch.
▪️We need to start at the beginning.

❗️I don’t want to steal his thunder.
▪️I will let him break the good news.

❗️She tried to steal the spotlight.
▪️She wants undeserved attention.

❗️You must stick to your guns on that.
▪️Your idea is good – stay with it.

❗️He’s just a stick-in-the-mud.
▪️He is too old fashioned.

❗️You won’t strike it rich.
▪️This idea won’t make you rich.

❗️You need to strike while the iron is hot.
▪️Do it while the opportunity is right.

❗️We won’t take a back seat to them.
▪️We won’t be in second place to them.