Download 25 Khmer songs for every one[ziddu]

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This is Khmer songs for someone who’s not good at Khmer language to search and downlaod from Khmer website, but want to listen to Khmer song, want to know how Khmer song is?
If in Thailand, you might confuse that it is from Northeast, South part(อีสานใต้) like Sorin, Buriram,…. But this is not like so, they are language songs [Khmer Cambodia]. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

From me, Ken.
Skype ID: ny_rithy (language available is Khmer, English, and Thai)

File name is : Khmer songs
There are : 6 parts
One part : about 5 mb
Download : from : easy to upload and deposit files 200Mb a time, and unlimite space. To deposit your file register here

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