✅❗️Most Common American Idioms (part 1)

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❗️Don’t wash your dirty linen in public.
▪️Don’t tell your bad points to others.

❗️You’ll just be wasting your breath.
▪️Don’t bother, they won’t listen.

❗️The wear and tear will defeat us.
▪️The effort is not worth the rewards.

❗️You’ll wear out your welcome.
▪️Don’t stay too long.

❗️I’ll pay you when my ship comes in.
▪️When I get rich I’ll pay you.

❗️We just have to weather the storm.
▪️Keep working in rough times.

❗️I can see the writing on the wall.
▪️I can sense that thing may be bad.

❗️Let’s wind up this problem.
▪️We need to finish this.

❗️We will agree word for word.
▪️We agree exactly.

❗️Just a word to the wise – Shut up!
▪️Listen to me!

❗️You just zip your lip.
▪️Stop talking so much.

❗️Keep your shirt on.
▪️Don’t get so impatient.

❗️They are pulling your leg.
▪️They are playing a trick on you.

❗️She is rolling in the dough.
▪️She has lots of money.

❗️He’s stinking rich.
▪️He’s very wealthy.

❗️We’ll make him the fall guy.
▪️We will put the blame on him.

❗️He will take the rap.
▪️He will be the guilty one.

❗️It’s a bum rap.
▪️He is innocent.